We believe that by providing a learning experience which caters for individual needs and differences within a caring and supportive atmosphere, children will grow in the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for life.

Inclusive Education is a broad term that encompasses the areas of:

Additional Learning Needs

There are students who have additional needs and who require extra planning and support with their learning. This may include the provision of Individual Learning Plans (ILP) or Negotiated Curriculums (NC). Students with additional needs are supported through small focus groups, one-on-one support or with in class Education Support Officer (ESO) assistance. Inclusive Education staff identify suitable adjustments required for students. Staff value a collaborative approach with families and Allied Health Specialists to focus on supporting progress and development.

Extension and Enrichment Program

The learning curriculum at Pilgrim School aims to provide extension within the framework of the classroom to those students who are more able, by incorporating open-ended topics and opportunity for individual extension. Small groups of students participate in specific extension programs.

During the year, Pilgrim School offers students enrichment activities where they can select an area of interest.

Students also have the opportunity to be involved in South Australian Christian Schools Association (SACSA) sports events, Pedal Prix, Campus Choir, International Competitions and Assessments in Schools (ICAS) competitions, Oliphant Awards, Bebras Challenge, and school initiatives such as Writers’ Club or Coders’ Club.