At Pilgrim School we recognise that learning and wellbeing are intertwined, and we aim to support students in their social and emotional wellbeing to enable them to flourish and use their gifts and abilities that God has given them.

Wellbeing is a whole of school approach, integrated into our classrooms and supported by our Wellbeing Calendar of events.

Some of the resources, events, programs and activities that form part of our wellbeing approach at Pilgrim School are:

  • Calming Corners in every classroom
  • Wellbeing toolkits
  • Kimochis
  • Zones of Regulation
  • What’s the Buzz
  • Buddy classes
  • Wellbeing Days (2 per year)
  • National Day of action against bullying activities
  • PeaceWise Kids
  • eSafety webinars
  • Growing with Gratitude
  • Friendship seminars
  • Becoming Women and Blueprint to Becoming a Man workshops
  • Transition to High School workshops
  • Play is the Way
  • Growth Mindsets

The Wellbeing Team