As Principal of Pilgrim School, I am pleased to be able to introduce you to this Christian school and the reasons why it is a special place.

Pilgrim School is set in a unique Campus which means we share as extensive and very well resourced site with Thiele Primary School and the School of the Nativity. There are many excellent facilities and committed people who work together to make the Campus an exceptional place.

At Pilgrim, we have a staff of committed Christians who work in this Uniting Church school to provide an education of very high standards. As a smaller school, in a larger setting, we provide a high quality of pastoral care and the partnership between parents and staff is very strong and ensures good communication.

We use the Australian Curriculum at Pilgrim to teach from a Christian perspective, based on biblical principles.

If you would like to know more about Pilgrim School, please come and visit, take one of our popular Saturday School Tours and talk to our families and ‘old scholars’.

Please join us!

Nigel Bennett, Principal